CPUC Case Study: Imation Highlights Benefits of Proper Data Management


Large organizations are prone to disorganized storage infrastructures if they’re not careful. With many users saving new files to a network and making revisions to existing ones, it’s easy to lose a grip on efficient data management. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) found themselves in such a position and looked toward Imation for a solution.

CPUC, a state agency of over 1,500 people, regulates privately owned utilities to ensure consumers receive safe and reliable service and ensure those utilities act in the best interests of the California environment and economy. They lacked an official data retention policy and their infrastructure became disorganized, causing lengthy backup times and inefficient management of high-value data. Consequently, guaranteeing security became more difficult each day.

In order to solve these problems, CPUC purchased a Nexsan Assureon secure archive solution from Imation. Assureon offloaded and deduplicated data from CPUC’s primary storage, as defined by automated policy. This policy, set up to filter by file age and frequency of use, allowed Assureon to greatly reduce the size, cost and complexity of CPUC’s backups. Assureon also fingerprinted each file and performed automated self-healing integrity audits to guarantee CPUC’s high-value data stayed protected. To date, there have been tremendous results, including an eight-hour reduction in daily backup time and significantly more application performance from servers.

Imation solutions continue to help organizations like CPUC to save time and money by adding efficiencies to their storage infrastructures. Read the full CPUC case study  – and to read others like it, visit our Knowledge Center.