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There are all kinds of threats to data in the cloud including data loss, silent data corruption and ransomware and it’s your responsibility to protect that data and make it accessible to your users.  Archiving your cloud data not only safeguards the data from these threats, but can be configured to support any regulatory or compliance regimen including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SEC17a-4, GDPR, CJIS and more.

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Assureon Cloud Transfer™

The cloud offers flexibility and elasticity, but by keeping unstructured, or cold data in the cloud for long periods of time, organizations are faced with jaw-dropping invoices. Assureon Cloud Transfer (ACT) allows you to take advantage of the best features of the cloud, while offloading cold data from the cloud to a secure on -premises Assureon active archive, for long-term protection and preservation. You can then convert the cold files in the cloud to software transparent stubs that point to the physical files stored on the on-premises Assureon active archive. This reduces the accumulating premium costs associated with keeping data in the public cloud, while also providing data portability and reducing the risk of cloud vendor lock in.  In addition, you can use Assureon active archive to set policies to automate the offload process, allowing cold data to move freely and automatically from and to the cloud to Assureon, yet retaining immediate access to all files from any desired cloud.


Assureon Cloud Transfer (ACT) enables customers to freely migrate or copy data to or from public cloud platforms and Assureon’s on premise archive storage, providing long-term data protection and retention. ACT is designed to combat the rising costs of cloud storage and offers a comprehensive security and integrity feature set. Restoring data from a catastrophic event has never been easier.

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“Many customers are looking to migrate to the cloud in some form. Nexsan has bridged the gap to allow customers full control over security and compliance. By enabling the utilization of both cloud and on-premise, an organization can now create an optimized architecture for its needs.”

Dave Hiechel, Eagle Technologies