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Assureon Archive Storage Solution Support Law Enforcement Department’s In-Car Video Program
Overview: Imation’s Archive Solutions Deliver Secure, Scalable Primary and Backup Storage to City Law Enforcement Department

The City of Bryan, Texas selected Imation’s Nexsan Assureon secure archive solution to support its law enforcement department’s in-car video program and has been pleased with its investment.

About Bryan, Texas

The City of Bryan is located in the east-central part of Texas, about 100 miles east of Austin and 95 miles north of Houston. Bryan has a vital and robust economy, quality schools, state-of-the-art healthcare, safe neighborhoods and a history that is reflected in the buildings and pride of its residents. The original square-mile town site now encompasses more than 43.4 square miles, and Bryan’s original population of a few hundred has grown to more than 80,000 residents. Bryan and its adjoining city College Station (population: 101,000) are also home to Texas A&M University – with more than 58,800 students and 23,200 employees. The Bryan-College Station metropolitan area has a population of approximately 230,000 residents.

Problem Overview
  • The City of Bryan selected and purchased a Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage system from Imation.

Challenge: Provide Primary and Backup storage that’s scalable, secure and offers a fast recovery of files

The City of Bryan introduced in-car video a few years ago as part of its law enforcement practices. As a result, the City’s IT department built a secure and robust infrastructure to store and protect all the video data the program produces. As more police officers have adopted video recording, the volume of data has increased exponentially; in one year, the program grew from 6TB to 15TB of data. In addition, there are rules for how long this data must be kept. Administrative data must be held for 90 days, non-essential data for 30 days, and any video associated with a crime must be kept indefinitely.

The in-car video program uses an outside software application to tag videos during or after they are recorded. The software application then moves videos to different storage pools according to the tags they are given. Officers upload the videos over Wi-Fi at one of several access points located at City facilities – including police precincts, fuel islands and more.

With such an integral and fast-growing program, the City needed a data storage solution that could provide:

  • Primary and backup storage, ideally within the same storage solution.
  • Superior scalability, to accommodate even more exponential growth in data expected in the next few years and beyond.
  • Outstanding file integrity and tamper resistance, so videos can be used to assist in law enforcement and the judicial process.
  • Quick recovery of video files on demand.

We considered solutions from other vendors, but they would have required us to purchase separate systems for primary and backup storage. With the Nexsan Assureon from Imation, we can do both in one package – and we saved significant money on capital expenditures.

Cray Crouse, IT Operations Manager, City of Bryan

solution: Nexsan assureon secure archive storage provides a single system for several needs

The City of Bryan engaged in a thorough competitive review process, and ultimately selected and purchased a Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage system from Imation. The system went into production in the spring of 2013.

results: primary and backup storage in one box

The City of Bryan has been very pleased with its investment in the Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage system. It has:

  • Provided both primary and backup storage for the City’s in-car video program – all in the same box.
  • Enabled the storage of videos by tag in separate pools within the same storage solution.
  • Supported file security and integrity with its unique fingerprinting feature, which prevents file history and contents from being changed or altered after the fact.
  • Scaled seamlessly as the video program has more than doubled in one year, and is expected to grow even more in the months ahead.