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Reliable Storage for High-Definition Video Surveillance

Heightened physical security concerns spanning all industries, coupled with technological advancements is driving the requirement for higher camera resolutions, more fields of view with wider dynamic range and longer storage retention periods. [rev_slider Industry-Solutions] Five Top Reasons to Choose Nexsan’s E-Series for DVS GROWING SURVEILLANCE STORAGE REQUIREMENTS Heightened physical security concerns spanning all industries, coupled…Read More

Speed with Green: How to Capture Energy Savings without Penalizing Storage Performance

We are in the age of energy awareness. The public pushes for ecological conservation and rewards organizations that put forth their own conservation efforts. Unfortunately, the storage industry is behind the curve. IT professionals continue to buy and deploy wasteful storage systems. Over the span of one year, a typical 42TB storage solution pushes 8.9…Read More

Scale-Out Storage for Video Surveillance

[rev_slider Digital-Surveillance] With the use of high-resolution cameras, virtualized servers, and highly-networked security operations, selecting the right storage solution is critical to capturing and managing surveillance video. Here are some storage options that meet the needs of surveillance. EFFICIENT BACKUP AND RECOVERY CONSIDERATIONS Nexsan Video Security Architecture Rising concerns over protecting property, people, and assets…Read More

Key Considerations for Disaster Recovery

[rev_slider Disaster-Recovery] Key Considerations for Disaster Recovery A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan is specific to the circumstances, priorities and expense of an organization, this presents a broad range of challenges. This brief outlines mid-market best practices for developing a disaster recovery strategy. TOP FIVE DISASTER RECOVERY CONSIDERATIONS Plan for Success – Whether by…Read More

How to Improve Your Security Video Quality

[rev_slider Digital-Surveillance] See why video streaming bandwidth is a key requirement of high-resolution surveillance systems—and how high-density storage arrays can help. THE NEED FOR HIGHER VIDEO RESOLUTION Increased camera resolutions are becoming a key strategic consideration for surveillance, providing the ability to cover far more area, zoom in on people or objects without loss of…Read More