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Digital Video Surveillance Storage Tackled with E-Series

The global Digital Video Surveillance market was valued at over $47 billion last year and is predicted to grow to $86 billion by 2024*. Nearly half of last year’s revenue spend was in China as it determinedly implements its Xue Liang program of national surveillance, but elsewhere new demands and new DVS technology are driving…Read More

Storage Solutions for Planes, Trains and Ships with Less Than Ideal Data Centers

There are almost as many ways to get around as there are options for enterprise data storage:  from direct-attached, to scalable and highly-flexible NAS, to block storage for databases or Exchange, to highly secure data archives, and the public cloud.  Choosing what data to store, how, where and when can be tricky.   And, some datacenters…Read More

Safeguard Your Surveillance Data or Fall Foul of the Law

Video surveillance has advanced rapidly since CCTV was invented in 1942. However, the ongoing growth in the use of video surveillance brings with it new challenges for data storage, and as the role of CCTV grows ever more important, it is critical that it is managed and protected in the correct way. In particular, it’s…Read More

E-Series P with Customer Configurable 12 High-Speed Host Interface Ports

The E-Series P now comes with an option for two additional high speed host ports on each of the RAID controllers. The resulting total of 12 high-speed host ports per system delivers industry-leading connectivity to make the Nexsan E-Series P even easier to deploy in your environment. You get the flexibility of customer-configurable ports so…Read More

The Case For Truly Unified Storage or Bringing Sync n Share into Unified Storage

Howard Marks, Founder and Chief Scientist, DeepStorage LLC As I watch the expansion of sync and share (SnS) into the enterprise, I’m growing concerned that many organizations are creating yet another silo of storage. Wouldn’t it be a better idea for the “unified storage” system in my data center to serve up the same files…Read More

How to Improve Security Video Quality

How to Improve Your Security Video Quality See why video streaming bandwidth is a key requirement of high-resolution surveillance systems—and how high-density storage arrays can help. THE NEED FOR HIGHER VIDEO RESOLUTION Increased camera resolutions are becoming a key strategic consideration for surveillance, providing the ability to cover far more area, zoom in on people…Read More

Protecting Law Enforcement Body Camera Recordings

Archive Storage: Protecting Your Law Enforcement Body Camera Recordings Learn why the growing adoption of body-worn cameras for police officers is placing significant demands on their archive storage systems. THE GROWTH OF POLICE BODY CAMERAS A variety of factors are combining to drive enormous growth in the deployment of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by law enforcement…Read More

Increase the Efficiency and Scale of your DVS System

It’s the surveillance dilemma. Today’s round-the-clock operations make it continuously challenging to do more with less. You like many other surveillance professionals are required to increase camera resolutions, provide more points and degrees of view to capture broader areas with the ability to zoom in on people or objects without loss of detail, and deliver sharp picture…Read More

Reliable Storage for High-Definition Video Surveillance

Heightened physical security concerns spanning all industries, coupled with technological advancements is driving the requirement for higher camera resolutions, more fields of view with wider dynamic range and longer storage retention periods. Reliable Storage for High-Definition Video Surveillance Five Top Reasons to Choose Nexsan’s E-Series for DVS GROWING SURVEILLANCE STORAGE REQUIREMENTS Heightened physical security concerns…Read More

Scale-Out Storage for Video Surveillance

[rev_slider Digital-Surveillance] With the use of high-resolution cameras, virtualized servers, and highly-networked security operations, selecting the right storage solution is critical to capturing and managing surveillance video. Here are some storage options that meet the needs of surveillance. EFFICIENT BACKUP AND RECOVERY CONSIDERATIONS Nexsan Video Security Architecture Rising concerns over protecting property, people, and assets…Read More