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The High Stakes of Data Management: How to Choose the Right Data Storage Solution for Casinos

Casinos require robust data storage systems to handle their vast and varied data needs securely and efficiently. The recent attack against MGM Resorts properties or the controversy and allegations against Resort World Las Vegas have only served to stress the paramount need for protection and casinos’ ability to bring back their systems quickly and make…Read More

3 Ways Your Backup Solution Can Fail During a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware—a form of malware where your data is locked and encrypted until you pay for it to be released—is by no means a new threat. Recent reports indicate a 15% increase in ransomware attacks over the past five years. While the percentage may not appear alarming, the repercussions are substantial. Consider this, on average, a…Read More

Understanding Data Retention Policies for Regulatory Compliance Practices

Depending on your industry and the nature of your business, you may be obligated to comply with some fairly serious data retention requirements. This is particularly crucial for IT teams, as the loss of data resulting from ransomware attacks, accidental deletions, or other unforeseen incidents can lead to significant fines. To ensure compliance, it is…Read More

What Happens After a Ransomware Attack?

Imagine this: An employee at your company logs in early to get a head start on the month-end finance reporting. They access the company’s file storage to view invoices for the past month, when suddenly an old-fashioned-looking popup window, written in ominous font breaks the news: ‘your files are all encrypted and locked by a…Read More

A Near Devastating Ransomware Attack: A Close Call that Almost Ended the World

  Ransomware, although alarming, scary, and costly, typically unfolds as an uneventful occurrence. In such cases, a company experiences file encryption, and it must decide to either pay the ransom or restore the files from the backup before moving forward. However, there are occasions when a ransomware attack unleashes destructive waves and impacts millions of…Read More

Accelerate Media & Entertainment Workflows with NVMe All-Flash

Modern content is always evolving, including higher resolutions, emerging formats, and complex workflows. The speed in which content is made, edited, and distributed has accelerated thanks to the advancement of data storage. With the emergence of NVMe all-flash, the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry finally has a storage solution capable of keeping up with the…Read More

NVMe All-Flash: The Ideal Storage Solution for Big Data

In recent years, NVMe storage, short for Non-Volatile Memory Express, has been compared to lanes of highway traffic. Where legacy SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) connections are forcing as many as 32 pieces of data through one “highway lane” at once, NVMe storage can support 64,000 queues, each for as many as 64,000 entries. This…Read More

Finding the Ideal Storage Solution for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The biggest challenges artificial intelligence and machine learning applications have with traditional data storage is the ability to maximize performance, capacity, and flexibility within a limited budget. Depending on the application and what stage the project is at, the needs for performance and capacity will fluctuate. IT Managers need to find the right balance between…Read More

Unbreakable Backup Mitigates Cyber Security Threats

The current COVID-19 crisis spurred an increase in cyberattacks taking advantage of the sudden shift to virtual work and uncertainty surrounding health and safety information. Between March and May of this year, reported ransomware attacks increased 148% with global manufacturing, government, and internet providers the hardest hit1. Ransomware attacks are the new “go-to” for criminal…Read More

Storage Optimization – Key Steps to Maximize File Protection and Storage ROI

Cost-Efficient Storage Optimization Storage optimization may be defined as the process of moving data to the most efficient and cost-effective storage system for that data.  Here are a few quick steps to cost effectively identify, manage, and protect your most important data. Step 1: Identify You can’t protect what you can’t see or identify, yet…Read More