Merging Data Storage Silos – A Storage Switzerland Chalk Talk

At VMworld 2017, Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and Nexsan’s Founder and CTO, Gary Watson met for a “Chalk Talk” about the complexities of managing multiple storage systems and how these silos can be merged into a new, different kind of storage.   Click here to watch the video. Some of the typical data storage silos include…Read More

Blockchain for Ransomware Protection

There’s been a lot of buzz about blockchain and how it plays in our digital world.  Blockchain, originally devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, is getting a “bad rap” because bitcoins are the chosen currency by cybercriminals in ransomware attacks.  The underlying technology that gives blockchain a variety of uses is the ability to allow…Read More

GDPR, Cloud Trust and Security – Our Latest Survey Results

We recently did a snap survey amongst 100 UK-based IT professionals to find out where companies are at in terms of preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which come into effect next year. The results showed that almost half (48%) did not know what GDPR is, and only 40% were able to confirm…Read More

Working Remotely with the Right Access

We have all been there…..we are on vacation, but we need to keep up with projects or various work items while we are out.  It’s a drag to lug your laptop along and try to get good enough coverage from some locations to get onto VPN so you can access your files on the network.…Read More

Think Cloud Is Cheap? Think Again!

One of the things that we hear often is that cloud storage is cheap.  Many times it’s heard and repeated so often that it is believed as factual.  The real costs of cloud storage versus on-premises storage need to be put into perspective so we asked Marc Staimer, an independent analyst in the storage industry,…Read More

The Case For Truly Unified Storage or Bringing Sync n Share into Unified Storage

Howard Marks, Founder and Chief Scientist, DeepStorage LLC As I watch the expansion of sync and share (SnS) into the enterprise, I’m growing concerned that many organizations are creating yet another silo of storage. Wouldn’t it be a better idea for the “unified storage” system in my data center to serve up the same files…Read More

Optimize your Storage Management for Virtualization Performance

Unlock VMware Performance with the Right Storage Solution at VMworld 2016 There’s a reason why virtualizing IT resources is so universal. There’s just so many advantages using VMware, and storage operations should especially be a top focus when looking for that extra performance boost. After all, supporting mixed application workloads, protecting data, and balancing capacity, performance, cache and scale in virtualized environments…Read More

Increase the Efficiency and Scale of your DVS System

It’s the surveillance dilemma. Today’s round-the-clock operations make it continuously challenging to do more with less. You like many other surveillance professionals are required to increase camera resolutions, provide more points and degrees of view to capture broader areas with the ability to zoom in on people or objects without loss of detail, and deliver sharp picture…Read More

The Next Generation of Unified Storage Needs to be Smart, Connected, and Fast

2015 gave us advances in cost-effective flash storage and this year is no exception. Both all-flash and unified storage systems deliver high performance, scale to petabytes of storage, and tout an affordable price point for small and midrange enterprises. Seems to hit all the checkmarks, right? But a critical element is missing for the modern workforce that…Read More

Save Yourself from Rising Primary Storage Costs

We get it – your trusty primary storage is fast and puts tons of terabytes at your disposal. You load it up with as much data as possible, so you can access your files at a moment’s notice. But this seemingly innocent data hoarding can rack up costs as large portions of it goes unused.  You…Read More