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3 Ways Your Backup Solution Can Fail During a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware—a form of malware where your data is locked and encrypted until you pay for it to be released—is by no means a new threat. Recent reports indicate a 15% increase in ransomware attacks over the past five years. While the percentage may not appear alarming, the repercussions are substantial. Consider this, on average, a…Read More

Understanding Data Retention Policies for Regulatory Compliance Practices

Depending on your industry and the nature of your business, you may be obligated to comply with some fairly serious data retention requirements. This is particularly crucial for IT teams, as the loss of data resulting from ransomware attacks, accidental deletions, or other unforeseen incidents can lead to significant fines. To ensure compliance, it is…Read More

What Happens After a Ransomware Attack?

Imagine this: An employee at your company logs in early to get a head start on the month-end finance reporting. They access the company’s file storage to view invoices for the past month, when suddenly an old-fashioned-looking popup window, written in ominous font breaks the news: ‘your files are all encrypted and locked by a…Read More

A Near Devastating Ransomware Attack: A Close Call that Almost Ended the World

  Ransomware, although alarming, scary, and costly, typically unfolds as an uneventful occurrence. In such cases, a company experiences file encryption, and it must decide to either pay the ransom or restore the files from the backup before moving forward. However, there are occasions when a ransomware attack unleashes destructive waves and impacts millions of…Read More

Protect Data Backups from Ransomware with the Unbreakable Backup Solution

The Nexsan Unbreakable Backup Solution is an integration of  the Assureon active data vault and the Unity NAS products. With this solution you never have to worry about your ability to recover from ransomware attacks. The Unity NAS system has been proven to be a reliable and performant file backup target for many backup applications;…Read More

March 31: World Backup Day

World Backup Day began in 2011 and was started by a digital consultant named Ismail Jadun. For 10 years now, the day has been celebrated across the globe on March 31st. Why has March 31st been chosen for World Backup Day? As the day before April Fool’s Day, you would be a fool to not…Read More

How to Keep Your Business Alive in the Face of a Natural Disaster

These days, every business knows the threat of data breaches, with most, if not all, investing in proactive protection and reactive recovery measures to mitigate risks against data loss. But what about natural disasters? Hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, fires, landslides – according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2017 was the most expensive year on…Read More

Backup to Protect Your Data

Every IT professional knows they are up against exponential data growth and ever-increasing corporate demands that are pushing traditional data protection methods to their limit. The need to build a backup infrastructure to support unprecedented data growth and increasingly challenging SLAs is more important than ever. Visibility to the backups and control can be challenging.…Read More