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Storage Optimization

[rev_slider Disaster-Recovery] Four Key Steps to Maximize File Protection and Storage ROI COST-EFFICIENT STORAGE OPTIMIZATION You can’t protect what you can’t see or identify, yet too many organizations are struggling to do precisely that with their high-value data. Unstructured data (such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel or PDF files) accounts for nearly 70 percent of the…Read More

Protecting Your Law Enforcement Body Camera Recordings

[rev_slider Digital-Surveillance] Learn why the growing adoption of body-worn cameras for police officers is placing significant demands on their archive storage systems. THE GROWTH OF POLICE BODY CAMERAS A variety of factors are combining to drive enormous growth in the deployment of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by law enforcement agencies. Increased funding for such cameras (for…Read More

Safeguarding Your Digital Evidence Data

[rev_slider alias=”Chain Of Custody”] Learn the key storage capabilities needed to ensure your digital video evidence retains maximum evidentiary weight and admissibility in court. THE GROWTH OF LONG-TERM EVIDENTIARY VIDEO DATA STORAGE As law enforcement agencies increasingly incorporate dashboard-mounted and body-worn cameras as part of their regular law enforcement duties, the total volume of evidentiary…Read More