Case Study: Imation Enables Efficient Climate Monitoring and Prediction

Case-Study-FSU-blog-main-646x300The Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies (COAPS) at Florida State University conducts research on Earth’s climate systems, helping scientists understand climate variability, meteorologists improve their forecasting practices and world leaders establish the right policy regarding global climate trends. This research is highly data intensive; more and more files at larger and larger sizes are being created all the time. So eventually, COAPS decided it needed to scale its 250TB storage system up to 1PB in order to properly store its data and better serve forecast information to its users around the world. To do that, it needed a new storage infrastructure.

With the help of LH Computer Systems, COAPS identified the right solution for its needs – one that delivered high storage capacity, reliability, scalability and supreme density all at a low total cost of ownership. This solution is the Imation Nexsan NST hybrid storage appliance.

Following its deployment, NST helped COAPS exceed its performance requirements, operate with virtually no downtime and meet its storage capacity needs. NST’s FASTier intelligent hybrid caching boosted performance and cut costs, and its Fibre Channel connectivity delivered secure communications at ultra-fast speeds.

With NST at the core of its data storage infrastructure, COAPS and FSU are efficiently helping users around the world study the relationship between Earth’s oceans, atmosphere, land and ice. To learn more about COAPS and its use of Imation storage, read this case study.