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Imation’s Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage solution has revitalized CPUC’s storage system and saved significant time, money and operating expenses by optimizing its daily backups.

Nexsan Case Study CPUC

The California Public Utilities Commission needed a storage solution that could efficiently protect high-value data while offloading primary storage tiers and eliminating large back-up windows for unstructured data. It also had to sort through the chaos of legacy data system and meet the unique storage demands of its users. Since deploying Imation’s Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage solution, CPUC has revitalized its storage system and saved significant time, money and operating expenses by optimizing its daily backups.

About The California Public Utilities Commission

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is a state agency with three primary missions: regulate privately owned utilities; ensure consumers receive safe and reliable service and infrastructure; and enhance the environment and economy of California. Utilities that fall under CPUC’s jurisdiction include electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, railroad, rail transit and passenger transportation.

CPUC Business Info


CPUC’s storage infrastructure serves the entire agency and its 1,500 users. Every user has different storage needs, so CPUC needed to build out a network that could accommodate different policies according to the various needs of its users.

Due to its large, diverse user base and a lack of an official data retention policy, CPUC’s infrastructure grew to become inefficient and disorganized. High-value data was stored in various places throughout the environment, backup times increased on a regular basis and file duplicates were prevalent and hard to identify. Consequently, it wasn’t easy to ensure that the agency’s high-value data was protected and safeguarded from internal or external threats.

In summary, CPUC needed a storage system that could:

  • Accommodate various users’ storage requirements.
  • Identify proper files, particularly containing high-value data.
  • Guarantee the integrity of all files in the system.
  • Automate archiving and deduplication processes.
  • Manage the long-term retention of files.
  • Securely encrypt each individual file while “at rest” and “in flight.”

“Assureon decreased our backup time by at least four hours; we are no longer backing up our file servers using traditional backup, and we let Assureon do its job. The product saves us time and money since we no longer use tapes for our file servers.”

Albert Fuller, IT Manager at CPUC


Solution Overview

CPUC, after a lengthy review process, selected and purchased a Nexsan Assureon secure archive storage solution from Imation. Assureon is a family of secure storage solutions that reduces storage costs by off-loading and deduplicating data from primary storage that is infrequently used or has aged by policy. Through policy automation, Assureon can eliminate or greatly reduce the size, cost and complexity of backups for primary and infrequently accessed data. Data integrity features like file-fingerprinting and automated self-healing integrity checks ensure that high-value data is protected throughout its lifecycle. Also, retention management controls protect files from accidental or malicious deletion before their retention requirement is met.

CPUC currently has 14TB in its Assureon system, and plans to scale up when its needs require additional storage.

Results and Benefits:

Imation’s Nexsan Assureon system has exceeded CPUC’s expectations since deployment.

  • Each daily backup requires 5-6TB less storage capacity, and can be completed eight hours faster, than before. This represents a significant savings in time, resources and operating costs.
  • Servers have been freed up to deliver more performance and better serve applications.
  • Several upcoming projects mandated by California’s legislature can now be supported using existing primary and tape storage capacity, instead of purchasing more.