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Bright Technologies – Data Storage Case Study

Nexsan SAN Storage Provides Superior Capacity & Speed for IT Department

Bright Technologies needed a storage solution with capacity and scalability to support exponential data growth and blazing performance for near immediate access to files. Bright selected the Nexsan E60VT for its superiority in these areas and others.

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M&E industry tech supplier chose Nexsan SAN Storage for superior capacity, speed

IT departments in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry today are constantly looking for storage that can support their ever-growing needs. They need capacity and scalability, because they’re creating exponentially more data today than ever before. They need blazing performance, so that they can stream and work with several different video files at once. They also need low latencies to ensure operations run efficiently. Bright Technologies, a popular M&E industry tech supplier, offers its clients Nexsan storage systems from Imation – especially the E60VT – because of their superior capabilities in these areas.

About Bright Technologies

Bright Technologies, based in Reno, Nevada, is an IT solutions provider with a particularly strong reputation in the M&E industry. The company understands high-resolution workflows, and knows that traditional IT infrastructures are not capable of meeting the needs of guaranteed delivery, low-latency file-based workflows. That realization led to a paradigm shift in file-handling technology, and the creation of a range of performance-optimized SAN servers with an innovative server file system that will never degrade.

Bright’s solutions eliminate unplanned downtime due to file system degradation and reduce maintenance efforts to a minimum. They also are designed to improve collaboration, system reliability and efficiency – in every SAN and NAS environment.

challenge: High-Performance Storage for Large Video Files Required for High-Resolution Workflows

IT departments in the M&E industry today are constantly looking for storage that can support their ever-growing needs. As video formats have evolved, the amount of data those video files create has exploded – and the amount of data to be stored has grown exponentially. Accordingly, organizations need more capacity and scalability than they’ve ever needed before. In addition, they need blazing-fast performance so that they can work with their biggest video files as well as stream several different files at the same time. They also need low latencies to ensure operations run efficiently. These needs are only expected to become more significant with the industry moving more toward 4K video streams.

As a manufacturer of high-availability, low-latency server appliances and provider of resolution independent workflow solutions, Bright Technologies constantly searches for the best in high-performance storage solutions. The ability for storage to deliver and sustain high performance over time is essential on the back-end to Bright’s ability to offer its customers the company’s own state-of-the-art solutions.

Kudos, Nexsan! The E60VT is a giant leap!

Roger Beck, Bright Technologies
Case Study Overview



solution: NEXSAN SYSTEMS Delivers “Rock Solid, Redundant Workflow Solution in Less Rack Units”

Over many years, Bright has evaluated and tested numerous storage solutions from many vendors. When Imation recently released the Nexsan E60VT, Bright was eager to thoroughly evaluate it because previous E-Series systems tested so well for performance. Bright put the Nexsan systems through its own careful and exhaustive procedures for testing storage solutions, which wonderfully simulate real-world environments and ensures that the storage performs well even under suboptimal conditions. The E60VT was tested with its default RAID-6 configuration (using the setup wizard without any tweaking) and fully populated with 4TB 7200RPM SAS drives.

Immediately, the E60VT was able to easily deliver eight solid 2K uncompressed (or 2 x 4K uncompressed) streams, delivering improvements over earlier E-Series solution tests. Bright was stunned by the E60VT’s performance results; it proved to be a very reliable, fast and sleek unit that delivered high performance during the entire testing phase. Also, based on their testing, Bright is sure that the Nexsan systems will be able to accommodate latencies caused by aging file systems or FibreChannel fabrics and sustain its superior performance throughout its lifespan.

As a result of its testing, and its experience with the Nexsan systems delivering a better overall value for a user’s dollar than other systems, Bright decided to bundle the E60VT with its Procyon HA MDC. The combination is what Bright has dubbed “a rock solid, fully redundant 4K+ workflow solution in only six rack units for server AND storage, together consuming about 75 percent less power than other solutions out there.”

results: Added Value through reduced Power Use, No Downtime

In addition to the remarkable performance displayed during the testing phase, Bright Technologies and its clients have realized added value from Nexsan E-Series systems through other capabilities. These include:

  • The compact and eco-friendly design of the E60VT has proven to use significantly less power than many other units, which has lowered operating expenses considerably.
  • Drive tray design allows for excellent access to system drives while simultaneously minimizing resonance – a common cause of drive failure.
  • The system has proven to be incredibly reliable, with users experiencing no downtime over long periods of time.