The Nexsan BEAST is a practical, accessible, hard-working storage platform that enables organizations to lower their storage costs while maintaing maximum uptime with the highly reliable system. It is optimized for capacity with the raw capacity of 4.8PB in a full rack. The BEAST will allow your organization to stay ahead of the enormous data growth in areas such as backup, archive, digital video surveillance and more.



Save up to 85% on energy costs with AutoMAIDTM power management. Each RAID set can have its drives progress into deeper power savings. AutoMAIDTM is ideal for backup to disk or bulk storage; the interface allows you to easily customize or change power policy.

BEAST is a storage platform you can count on, providing dense storage capacity without application downtime. BEAST is fully redundant and includes hot-swappable components such as controllers, hard disk drives, power-supplies and fans giving you a storage platform you can count on.

Storage system reliability and performance is achieved by design at the start. BEAST has been engineered to provide enterprise reliability and includes Cool Drive Technology TM and an anti-vibration design that significantly reduces heat and vibration.