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Nexsan storage arrays make backup and recovery fast, reliable, and cost efficient by eliminating performance and management bottlenecks and reducing the overall amount of space, power and cooling otherwise required. Nexsan storage arrays offer the perfect balance of easy, efficient, enterprise-class storage purpose-built for the mid-market and are ideal as in integral part of the protection architecture. BEAST, E-Series and Unity are often used as backup solutions and all are Veeam Repository Ready as well as being implemented with many other providers including Commvault.

As malware is now also targeting backups, Unity with Assureon® delivers an immutable Unbreakable Backup™ solution so you never have to worry about your ability to recover from ransomware attacks.



We all know how important it is to protect the crown jewels of any business—the data. Chief among IT challenges for data protection are the ever-growing rates of data and associated volumes.

The overall objective of backup is the ability to recover from any failure or data loss within a specified period of time. The process of backing up, especially to disk, is generally highly automated after initial setup across applications, platforms and virtual environments.

As ransomware attacks are greatly increasing and now attacking the backups by either deletion or encryption, we understand the need to protect the backup data by making it immutable and eliminating any way that the data can be deleted or corrupted. Unbreakable Backup does just that by creating the immutable, secure format that stores the admin keys in another location for added protection.



Nexsan E-Series P, BEAST Elite, and Unity™ are Veeam Repository Ready and have been implemented in a plethora of other backup environments including Commvault.

Nexsan Unity™ supports block, file, and object protocols allowing it to integrate easily into any backup solution. Advanced FASTier™ caching techniques enable high throughput making it capable of supporting multiple concurrent ingest streams and efficient restores when required.

As malware is now also targeting backups, Unity with Assureon delivers an immutable Unbreakable Backup solution so you never have to worry about your ability to recover.

  • Data integrity with policy-driven and scheduled data integrity checks scrub the data for faults, and auto-heals without any user-intervention.
  • High availability with dual controllers and RAID-based protection guarantee data access in the event of component failure.
  • Recovery of your data is faster partially because all RAID-protected disk arrays can read faster than they can write.

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Nexsan E-Series P and BEAST Elite were purpose-built to make your job easier. Battle-tested to deliver reliable, high-performance block storage.

  • Backing up your data has never been faster with the new E-Series P and BEAST Elite controllers with enhanced performance and software that allows for Synthetic Full backups.
  • Recovery of your data is also faster due to the aggressive Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), partially because all RAID protected disk arrays can read faster than they can write.
  • Increase power, space, and cost efficiencies with our highly dense and energy efficient storage. Our exclusive AutoMAID™ innovation, saves up to 87% on power and cooling compared to other arrays.
  • Enjoy unparalleled level of reliability with our industry leading reliability rate, hot-swappable devices, multi-path IO and no single point-of-failure architecture.

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"Nexsan allowed us to retire a full 42u rack and added more capacity for backups. Floor space, maintenance, and power savings while adding capacity any performance."

Rick Allen, Gwinnett Health Inc.