• “100% private…helps businesses address compliance and regulatory requirements by giving corporate IT full control over the solution.”

    ESG Lab Report
  • "As an on-premise offering with private cloud capabilities, Connected Data's Transporter Genesis mixes the best of public cloud (ubiquitous access and sharing) with the best of on-premise offerings (privacy, redundancy, one-time pricing).”

    Liz Conner,
  • “You are combining the best of NetApp filers and the benefits of Dropbox, but it’s private storage.”

    Mike Matchett,
  • “Think a dead-simple Dropbox, without the security issues — and a sustainable business model.”

  • “Connected Data is delivering a solution that can help end the on-going battle between IT and employees over the use of cloud services by giving each side exactly what it wants."

    Terri McClure, ESG Senior Analyst
  • “The Transporter Genesis provides many of the same "cloud" functions, but runs entirely on-premises, so employees can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other files with each other easily and quickly.”

    John Brandon,
  • “Transporter Genesis appliance for businesses provides on-premises file sync-and-share capabilities that can scale in a private cloud model.”

    Sonia Lelii,
  • “The first private cloud storage platform to combine the simple file management features of a public cloud storage service with the complete information control offered by a network-attached storage"

    Rory J. Thompson, InfoTech
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