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Assureon Long Term Disk Solution & Investment in Archiving Yields Major Returns


Alpine Bank, a successful regional bank is powering its expansion with streamlined and automated infrastructure. Alpine’s investment in innovative technology has made Alpine a “people’s bank” and the first “green bank.” The bank deployed a future-proof archiving system with Jack Henry’s Synergy and the Nexsan Assureon. The solution allows the bank to unify disparate applications and processes into one single, more manageable cost center.

In just two months, we realized a net storage saving of 30%!

Chris Brown, Alpine Bank

Alpine Bank has $2 billion in assets and 35 branches throughout western and southwestern Colorado. Serving more than 100,000 customers, Alpine Bank provides retail, business, trust, asset management, mortgage, and electronic banking services.

Rapidly expanding, Alpine averages three new branches a year. A key to the successful expansion is Alpine’s streamlined and automated infrastructure, which allows the bank to quickly address customers’ growing and diverse needs with improved efficiency, flexibility and scalability.

Its innovative approach has made Alpine a “people” bank, demonstrating a deep commitment to building strong communities by creating opportunities for customers, employees, shareholders, and associates.

Additionally, as a leader in “green banking,” Alpine Bank promotes conservation among its members and encourages communities and local businesses to join in the bank’s efforts to sustain the environment. Alpine Bank was one of the first banks to move to a paperless environment, aligning green banking with IT innovation. This vision enabled Alpine to streamline day-to-day operations resulting in improved profitability, while reducing paper waste and curtailing the environmental impact of transporting paper between locations.

The table below shows the standard industry cost of physically managing paper*:

Cost to manually fill a file cabinet


Cost to manually maintain a file cabinet for 7 years


Cost of managing one-piece of paper for its life


*Source – Delphi Group industry research report 1999

The Challenge to decrease archive storage footprint and migrate to more than just document imaging

THE Search for a Next GENERATION Archiving Solution

Several years ago, Alpine Bank adopted Jack Henry’s Silhouette®, a document imaging system that used optical media. For many years the solution performed flawlessly. With the rapid growth in data, however, the bank needed to decrease the archive storage footprint in its data center and migrate to a workflow and storage technology that offered more than just document imaging.

Like other banks, Alpine Bank had several goals for the new solution:

  • Improve space utilization, reduce power and cooling consumption, and thermal emissions within the data center.
  • Centralize more services into the same solution for better manageability (simplicity) and scalability.
  • Streamline system availability and data protection services for the bank’s customers to ensure continued operation in the event of a local emergency.
  • Improve customer service by greatly decreasing the time it takes to retrieve and present any document.

Alpine Bank also required that any long term solution be 100% FDIC compliant for document management and retention — for example, documents for a full term 30 year mortgage would need to be retrievable and available for 37 years.

Alpine Bank further required that an established and reputable vendor in the financial services industry design and deliver the solution, ensuring it would meet their demanding specifications and be successfully supported long term.

Alpine Bank performed an extensive review, exploring several options and providers. Ultimately, the bank returned to a name it knew and trusted

Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry Recommends Assureon for a Complete Long-term Enterprise Content Management Solution

The Synergy System And Nexsan Assureon Intelligent Data Archive System

Jack Henry recommended its Synergy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, which enables banks of all sizes to securely capture, archive, retrieve, and distribute report data, electronic documents, and other images. The Synergy system is built upon the Nexsan Assureon ™ Intelligent Data Archive System for a complete long term ECM solution.

As a highly scalable disk-based data archive system, Assureon offers Alpine Bank with more than just storage for its Synergy application. This highly redundant platform also provides the required secure storage for future data archive projects, such as the Jack Henry 4|sight™ check imaging solution.

Moreover, Assureon with its built-in data protection and data replication features allowed the bank to use it for emergency preparedness thereby streamlining and simplifying its overall IT infrastructure.

Lastly, Assureon with its disk-based architecture is dramatically faster than optical media, improving the bank’s customer responsiveness.

As a result, Alpine Bank was able to consolidate three systems into one platform and deliver improved business efficiency!

Deploying the solution

Alpine Bank installed seven servers to host the different operational elements of Synergy Enterprise Content Management. The bank also installed Assureon with disk storage at the main data center in Rifle, CO and in Grand Junction, CO.

The new solution took only a few days to deploy. It utilized the bank’s Cisco routers and HP LAN switches to secure all data traffic between sites and throughout the data centers.

Regarding the deployment of the Synergy/Assureon, Alpine Bank’s Don Litton said, “It was the smoothest installation I have ever experienced.”

Chris Brown of Alpine further added, “Assureon was installed during the last week of July, and during the past two months, it has collected an astounding 2,829,776 document pages (files) totaling 511.32 GB of gross data storage from Synergy.”




  • Indexes and catalogs the files
  • De-dupes, backups, encrypts, and replicates
  • Provides mandatory audits and self-healing data protection
  • Removes obsolete information

As we move forward with Assureon, we are working with Jack Henry and Nexsan to further leverage our investment by potentially covering our e-mail archive requirements, as well as other long-term storage requirements in a single solution.

Chris Brown, Alpine Bank

Alpine Bank's Implementation of the Synergy/Assureon Solution

Key Benefits

  • Centralization and Consolidation: Assureon allowed the bank to unify document imaging, emergency preparedness, and data de-duplication into a single, secure solution. The bank reduced its IT investment costs and recaptured much needed data center space.
  • Fast Replication: Utilizing Alpine Bank’s T1s, the replication service between Rifle and Grand Junction proved very efficient and cost effective. The bank replicated nearly 700,000 images in a single day, exceeding original expectations.
  • Green Banking: The bank continues to focus on Green Team initiatives. The archive storage system came equipped with AutoMAID®, an energy saving technology that transparently places the Nexsan SATABeast® disk drives into an idle state, significantly reducing power consumption and cooling. As a result, operational costs were dramatically cut.
  • CAP-EX – Data De-Duplication: By centralizing all the data into a single solution, Assureon data de-duplication features reduced the original data storage requirement by 50%. This resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in storage cost savings.
  • OP-EX – Automation: With an automated, disk-based solution with built-in backup and replication, the archive workflow was streamlined, eliminating the physical need to handle and store optical media (the need to remove optical platters and store them in another location). The bank also freed up a member of its IT department to work on other projects, and reduced weekend and overtime labor costs.

Conclusions: More Than 2 Million Documents Archived & replicated for Data Protection

One of the goals at Alpine Bank was to invest in a long term archive solution that could scale to support more than a single application. This solution allows the bank to unify disparate solutions into a single, more manageable cost center.

Alpine Bank will be upgrading its check imaging technology to the Jack Henry’s 4|sight system — implemented with its existing Assureon to provide the needed archive storage without dramatically increasing the solution footprint.

Today, with the Synergy/Assureon solution, Alpine Bank has archived more than two million documents and replicated them for data protection to its secondary site. Every day, thousands of new documents are scanned, archived, and replicated. Because of this solution’s tremendous performance, Alpine Bank will be able to use the new platform for additional future applications.