A New Home for Your Photos: Your iPhone Camera Roll Now Available on Your Transporter

Your life’s memorable moments shouldn’t be bound by the restrictions of your mobile phone storage capacity, or to the limits of your Dropbox account.

With Transporter’s new auto-upload feature, all of your photos in your iOS device’s camera gallery are automatically backed up to your Transporter, making it simpler than ever to access and protect your precious photos.

The new iOS application, which features dozens of enhancements, stores full-quality photos and videos directly from your mobile phone to your Transporter(s). Today you will see all the photos listed by name, and thumbnail previews will be available soon.

Given the size of such high-resolution media, you can imagine that the data restrictions on many cloud storage service providers are quickly exhausted; however, because of Transporter’s unlimited data storage capacity and no-subscription service, it’s easier and less expensive than ever to get all of your photos and videos at top quality and with no effort at all.

Want this feature? Here’s how:

Access Auto-UploadAccess Auto-Upload

Once you have the current Transporter iOS app (v2.2.22) installed and launched, the camera auto-upload feature can be accessed via the Settings icon at the bottom of the main screen.


Enable Auto-Upload

Once in the Settings screen:

  1. Toggle the “Automatically Upload Camera Roll” to the on position.
  2. The app will prompt you to choose a primary location to perform auto-uploads.
  3. Photos and videos in your Camera Roll will start uploading and be added to a newly created Camera Upload folder within your Transporter folder.

There are a few things to note:Camera Uploads

  • You will need to have Location Services enabled to use Camera Auto-Upload.
  • We strongly recommend doing the initial upload from a local network.
  • After the initial upload, the app will only upload new photos and videos.
  • You can change the primary location for performing auto-uploads at any time
  • You can also upload on-demand by using the “Upload Now” feature.