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GDPR, Cloud Trust and Security – Our Latest Survey Results

We recently did a snap survey amongst 100 UK-based IT professionals to find out where companies are at in terms of preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which come into effect next year. The results showed that almost half (48%) did not know what GDPR is, and only 40% were able to confirm that their organization is actively working towards compliance.

As part of the same survey, respondents were asked a series of questions relating to their use and experience of public and private cloud services. It seems that although confidence in the capabilities of public and private cloud has grown, security and reliability remain a concern among many UK-based IT professionals.

Whether organizations keep data on-site, in the cloud or outsource to a third-party service provider, the responsibility for safeguarding this information lies with the data owner. Therefore, it’s key that organizations opt for a storage solution which can provide security, in addition to traditional criteria such as performance, expandability, and flexibility. There are simple steps businesses can take to remain compliant within the context of data management and security. Nexsan has a long reputation in delivering reliable cost-effective storage and with the development of its next generation storage platform Unity, users can meet today’s modern requirements.

View the survey results here.

Victoria Grey, CMO