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Join us at the OHECC annual conference

Gary Watson, Vice President Technical Engagement

If you’re in the area, please join us next week at the OHECC annual conference taking place at Ohio State University from May 17-19. I’ll be presenting on how our flagship hyper-unified storage solution, Nexsan Unity, can help educational organizations advance their research strategies.

As many research organizations are likely starting to realize, data storage demands are not only growing larger, they’re getting more complicated too. From needing file-based storage for documents, photos, videos and other unstructured data, you’ve also got to have block-based SAN storage for virtual machines, VDI, application servers and databases. This doesn’t even get into the need to provide users with mobile, remote or offline access so employees can collaborate quickly and easily across teams.

As we often hear from our education and research customers, communication is key. In order to allow research to continue advancing rapidly, researchers need to be able to collaborate with colleagues both in the same facility and across multiple locations globally. As technology continues to evolve the storage platform used to house this critical information needs to transform too.

Sharing and collaborating the old-school way

For decades, the go-to sharing technology has been e-mail. We all know the routine; drafts of documents are sent around via ad hoc sharing groups, until ultimately a final version is circulated. Even if the final document faithfully captures all the email input, the whole process takes up a lot of people’s time.

Many of our customers are telling us how much Unity has helped them with these types of collaboration challenges. As the first unified storage solution that can securely and seamlessly connect a mobile workforce to files stored within a corporate data center, Unity is allowing researchers to work together more seamlessly then they’ve been able to in the past, yet without the risk of using tools like Google Docs and Dropbox. When things like medical and genomic research and data is on the line, quick, easy and safe sharing practices can help researcher not only make great strides in their work, but also protect it.

Join us on May 18 at 2:50pm to discover:

  • The benefit of implementing storage that is purpose built for collaboration
  • The impact storage has on advancing academic research
  • How Nexsan Unity meets the criteria needed and evidence of its success in educational institutions