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Accelerate Workforce Productivity Anywhere, Anytime with Unity

Whether as consumers or employees people have come to expect connectivity and data access across multiple devices wherever they are. We have all either been brought up on, or grown accustomed to using smart phones, tablets, computers and increasing intelligent devices. In our offices, in particular, we demand access to and the ability to share data with customers, clients and colleagues, for both productivity and collaboration. Work files need to be accessed quickly and securely from wherever employees are, and across multiple devices.

This is why developing a secure File, Sync and Share (FSS) solution is essential. The inflexibility of legacy on-premise storage has forced many organizations to use public cloud solutions. Whilst they offer mobile access, these services lack the security, privacy and control that many organizations need. Business users expect high performance access to company information from anywhere in the world, at anytime and from any device. With this in mind Nexsan has built the industry’s first and only hyper-unified storage array – Unity.

Unity has moved file sharing into the next generation, offering a hybrid storage platform with EFFS capabilities. File sharing and storage no longer have to be cobbled together, Nexsan has combined performance, scalability, universal connectivity, and the value of DRAM and Flash with enterprise file sync-and-share, for today’s workforce.

Organizations not only face a demand from today’s generation for more flexible and fluid ways of working, but many businesses operate from multiple sites with remote and mobile workforces. In fact, in a recent survey 98% of respondents claimed they require access to documents whilst outside of the office. Through Unity organizations have the security of an on-premises storage solution, with the added mobility and flexibility of the cloud.

Unity will allow you to stay connected to your corporate data, even when working remotely or on the go. It simplifies and fortifies FSS in the workplace, providing cooperate IT with the security they need, whist simultaneously offering users the experience they want.

If you would like to know more about what Nexsan Unity can offer, request a demo or check out our page for a full update: