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Speed with Green: How to Capture Energy Savings without Penalizing Storage Performance

We are in the age of energy awareness. The public pushes for ecological conservation and rewards organizations that put forth their own conservation efforts. Unfortunately, the storage industry is behind the curve. IT professionals continue to buy and deploy wasteful storage systems. Over the span of one year, a typical 42TB storage solution pushes 8.9 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. With an energy efficient storage system, this number could be eliminated.

If it’s true that the public wants greener organizations and energy waste can be prevented, why doesn’t every IT professional deploy a greener solution? There’s a simple answer: they’re afraid that energy efficiency will limit performance. The key is to find a way to offer top-notch storage performance without burning through resources.

In storage, there are three common sources of energy waste:

  • Inefficient devices that consume additional energy.
  • Inefficient management that requires additional capacity.
  • Inefficient packaging that requires additional floor space.

Nexsan has developed solutions that address these inefficiencies. The Nexsan E-Series ultra-dense storage solutions help organizations increase capacity while cutting energy consumption and rack space by one-third. By including energy efficiency as an integral component of product design, E-Series delivers energy savings without a penalty in performance.

It is possible to combine speed with green. To learn more about storage purpose-built for performance and efficiency, please visit our E-Series webpage.