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Production of rich media content isn’t just for Hollywood anymore; businesses of all sizes and from all industries are capturing, editing and producing content.
Learn how MAM solutions can help you manage content and assets throughout the media workflow.
Production of rich media content isn’t just for Hollywood anymore; businesses of all sizes and from all industries are capturing, editing and producing content. Chances are, you’ve got your share of challenges storing, sharing and organizing this content. Image, audio and video file sizes are growing dramatically thanks to the prevalence of high-definition and the increased adoption of even higher resolutions like 2K and 4K. New content tends to pile up fast, often with no good way to locate it, let alone efficiently collaborate with your colleagues to ultimately distribute the final product.


So you have all of your footage, but where do you store it all? And how do you organize it? A shelf full of loose hard drives is not the answer to asset library management, and neither are expensive silos of proprietary platforms and storage. Designing an integrated, open-platform system that can manage content and assets throughout the workflow, from ingest to archive is critical to producing your final work.

MAM (media asset management) solutions to keep track of your growing hours and terabytes of content are available from a host of vendors, offering enterprise features that promise more efficient workflows and faster production. While effective, these enterprise features have only been available to just that – the enterprise. MAMs can be expensive and complex with long implementations, potentially putting them out of reach of the average media producer.

Maximizing productivity requires a reliable, available, easy-to-manage and easy-to-scale storage solution. When you consider that 4K video can require as much as 1.5TB per hour, it’s no surprise that falling short on capacity is a common issue. The ability to grow with your content can be hindered by a storage vendor’s scalability options, often requiring disruption or even expensive forklift upgrades.

  • Flexible, Easy-to-Manage Storage
    • Storage solutions that grow with your content’s performance and capacity requirements in a non-disruptive, affordable manner that eliminates time spent managing infrastructure
  • Shared Access to Your Catalog of Assets
    • Centralized, resilient shared file storage, giving consistent and reliable access to content when needed to all workstations
  • The Right MAM for the Job
    • An affordable MAM that is up-and-running in hours and consolidates content, enabling instant search, discovery and collaboration operations anytime, anywhere
  • Positive Workflow Impact
    • A hardware and software solution that is optimized for your business; reducing expenditure, encouraging collaboration, decreasing OPEX and increasing creative output


The benefits of choosing the right asset management and storage solution are clear, but legacy solutions have typically been out of reach for most media professionals. A well-thought-out storage and media asset management solution that is tailored to your content workflows can revolutionize the way you and your team work.By enabling and simplifying the ability to search, discover, retrieve and collaborate, content can be at your fingertips and ready to work with in seconds. Lead time on content generation and delivery is dramatically reduced, enabling you to meet ever-growing consumer demand, deliver your content to market faster than ever before and drive new business opportunities and revenue.

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