Transporter for Business Review by Zoe Gillings-Brier

Zoe Transporter

In her first move away from a paid Dropbox account, professional snowboard athlete Zoe Gillings-Brier initially adopted a 1TB Transporter to store & access her personal files. Because this Olympian has a full team of athletic staff plus is an entrepreneur and owner of several online businesses, she required a more robust private cloud solution for her multi-user organization that lead her to the Transporter 15 business appliance. In her series of blogs reviewing the Transporter, Zoe discusses migrating from her personal unit to the new business unit to give her full visibility as the admin while giving her coaches, team, staff, and media access to everything related to her training & business information.

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“My business, operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week – it is an internet based business which sends grooming products (razors) by mail to customer’s doors every month or 2 months. Despite having a single web presence, our operations base is spread throughout the UK and wherever I am at any given time. I have staff working in London, Stafford, and Leeds – all these staff are File Transporter users within my organisation, they have full access to files and folders within PSC needed to run and grow the business.”

“I have a base in England and a base in France, my head snowboard coach lives in Canada, my nutritionist lives in Liverpool, my Strength and conditioning coach in Beverley and my sports psychologist, well, he just travels everywhere! The cost of getting all these people together, especially in the low season, would effectively eliminate me from competing due to finances if I couldn’t find a way round it. Now, I video, photograph and make detailed notes on all of my training sessions and upload all of this to File Transporter where each of my performance team can access all of this data and feedback as though they were with me in the same room.”

“Within my business I have clearly defined organizational users BUT I also have several non-organisational users that I collaborate with – whether it be our graphic designer who is always producing new branding initiatives or Affiliate companies developing new templates – these users don’t need a dedicated user account but they must be able to collaborate with users within the business. An easy task with File Transporter.”

“The largest amount of data that passes through my Transporter on a daily basis is with the media. I already generate a large amount of photos and video footage (including drone footage) as my performance team use this to analyse my performance and develop it for race day – by simply making this footage available on File Transporter to members of the press back in the UK this allows them to put news stories out with just a few clicks of the mouse button – the importance of media within my sport is enormous – File Transporter allows this to happen with ease.”

“As you can probably tell, I use File Transporter every single day of my life – whether it’s in my business, in my sport or simply for personal use, in all honesty I don’t know how I ever survived without it.”

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