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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I replace a disk drive?

Q. How do I create a RAID Set?

Q. How do I download the event log file using the Nexsan GUI interface?

Q. How do I download the event log using a serial interface?

Q. How do I replace the controller in my SATABoy or SATABeast?

Q. What are the terms of the Nexsan Standard Warranty?

Q. Can I extend the warranty coverage on my Nexsan product?

A. Yes, Warranty extensions are available for all active Nexsan products. Contact your Nexsan reseller for a quote.

Q. I need 7x24 support but my location is too remote and onsite support isn't available. What can I do?

A. We recommend a 7x24 Telephone support uplift and an onsite spares kit. Most parts of Nexsan Storage products are designed for easy replacement and out Technical Services Group can walk you through the replacement process.

Q. How do I get a copy of my Users Manual?

A. Contact our Technical Support Group and they will send you a copy.

Q. Our facility has a strict security policy that prevents us from returning defective disk drives containing sensitive data. How does this affect my warranty?

A. Nexsan supports a "Black-hole" policy for customers who can't return faulty drives due to security policies and sensitive data. Ask your Nexsan sales representative or our Technical Support Team for full details and to see if your site qualifies.

Q. I have remote sites that are mostly un-manned, how can I get help with support at those locations?

A. Imation Technical Support for Nexsan products utilizes state of the art remote access technology to aid in diagnosing complex hardware and software issues safely and securely.

Q. How does Nexsan protect the privacy of my data on returned defective disk drives?

Q. Do you have installation instructions for Windows?

Q. Do you have installation instructions for Linux?

Q. How do I replace my SATABlade Chassis?