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SAN Data Storage Systems for Science and Engineering

Data, Data Everywhere

Scientific and engineering organizations all share one thing in common: the need to process, store and share access to massive amounts of data. Whether it’s conducting atom particle acceleration, physics or aerospace applications, seismic studies of the earth or drilling for oil far below the ocean’s surface, this industry segment is defined by a world where data rules supreme. But while customers in these industry segments almost always require high performance, because of their massive storage needs they also need cost-effective and efficient alternatives that help them save space, lower costs and reduce energy consumption.

Recommended Imation Solutions for Science & Engineering

A Different Kind Of Storage Experience

Imation's Nexsan E-Series disk arrays offer cost-effective performance, power efficiency and expandable capacity to accommodate the high volume data of the science and engineering industry. They combine enterprise-class features and ease of use with Imation’s highly efficient storage technologies to provide an unmatched combination of high density, ultra-reliable space and energy efficiency, enabling it to deliver the industry’s best price/performance value in a scalable disk solution. THe Nexsan AutoMAID® energy-saving technology reduces power and cooling by up to 87% by intelligently putting inactive disks to sleep.

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