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HD Video SAN Storage or Video Archiving Solution

Going Digital

Today’s media and entertainment industries are characterized by an ongoing migration to the digital realm. Whether it’s transporting old media such as movies on film into digitally encoded files, producing new content from scratch, engaging in post-production activities or recording and disseminating music, the evolution to a high-definition multimedia world requires massive amounts of data storage.

Media and entertainment providers face the challenge of retaining all formats, from original files on through the multiple revisions entailed in post-production. The ability to store and access all this data in a cost-effective and efficient manner is key for these companies to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Recommended Imation Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Optimized For Media-Rich Environments

The Nexsan E-Series is high-capacity, ultra-dense and ultra-reliable. Supporting high-capacity SATA drives, E-Series is an ideal choice for video production and storage. Easily add modular capacity to expand your media archive.

Enterprise-class features include Cool Drive Technology™, Active Drawer Technology™ for easy expansion by one person while remaining online, and more.

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