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SAN Data Storage Systems for Healthcare and Life Sciences

A Patient Approach

From CT and PET scans to MRIs, EKGs to lab reports, ongoing patient electronic records to collaborative care, healthcare providers must manage mountains of data and canyons of capacity. The same holds true for researchers in the life sciences, whether they're mapping DNA, sorting out protein changes or engaging in a host of other experiments. In an era where all records are migrating to the digital realm, the stakes for storage and retrieval in the healthcare and life sciences arenas continue to grow exponentially higher.

Recommended Imation Solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences

A Matter Of Density And Compliance

And when it comes to compliance and secure online archiving, Imation's Nexsan Assureon® offers a secure solution designed to protect irreplaceable data. Unique in the industry, Assureon provides the privacy, integrity and longevity of a secure archive with the high-speed access of online disk drive technology, while meeting demands for all global regulatory compliance requirements.

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The Nexsan E-Series disk arrays are ideal for backup and recovery applications where cost-effective performance and expandable capacity are desired. They combine enterprise-class features and ease of use with Nexsan’s highly efficient storage technologies to provide an unmatched combination of high density, ultra-reliable space and energy efficiency, enabling it to deliver the industry’s best price/performance value in a scalable disk solution.

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