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Financial Services

Where Transactions Rule

The financial services industry is extremely transaction-oriented, requiring a high degree of data input and output activity. From securities to banking and beyond, financial service providers face the challenge of storing and accessing reams of data to properly serve their customers. Two needs emerge in this environment: high performance tier-1 storage to handle massive amounts of transactions and long-term bulk storage to retain records and track transaction histories. Add compliance and regulatory requirements and the challenge becomes even greater.

Recommended Imation Solutions for Financial Services

Imation's Highly Efficient and Reliable Storage Solutions

Imation's Nexsan E-Series disk arrays are ideal for backup and recovery applications where cost-effective performance and expandable capacity are desired. They combine enterprise-class features and ease of use with Nexsan’s highly efficient storage technologies to provide an unmatched combination of high density, ultra-reliable space and energy efficiency, enabling it to deliver the industry’s best price/performance value in a scalable disk solution.

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Finally, in cases where data security is paramount, the Nexsan Assureon® system provides online archive capabilities with full auditing and tracking to meet compliance and regulatory needs.

All Nexsan products provide industry-leading reliability and highly efficient space and energy savings—and at a much lower cost than comparable competing solutions—making them ideal for the demanding needs of the financial services industry.

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