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  • Financial Services

    The financial services industry is extremely transaction-oriented, requiring a high degree of data input and output activity.

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  • Healthcare Life Sciences

    From CT and PET scans to MRIs, EKGs to lab reports, ongoing patient electronic records to collaborative care, healthcare providers must manage mountains of data and canyons of capacity.

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  • Manufacturing High Tech

    Whether it's building an airplane, assembling a lawnmower or creating a semiconductor chip, the manufacturing and high technology industries have to store and access endless amounts of data to track parts, monitor supply chains and meet requirements on the factory floor.

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  • Media Entertainment

    Today's media and entertainment industries are characterized by an ongoing migration to the digital realm.

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  • Public Sector

    Government agencies are faced with a number of challenges when considering their data storage needs.

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  • Science & Engineering

    Scientific and engineering organizations all share one thing in common: the need to process, store and share access to massive amounts of data.

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