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VM Storage

Flexibile and Scalable VM Storage

Storage virtualization technologies have proven to be a staple for IT infrastructures, with the major benefit being resource consolidation, reducing the overall amount of hardware and the cost to operate and manage it.

Virtualized environments depend heavily on the random I/O performance of the storage system. Nexsan’s NST5000 unified hybrid storage system is the ideal choice for VM storage on Network Attached Storage (NAS) featuring NFS, or on advanced iSCSI block storage.

Recommended Nexsan Solutions for VM Storage

NST5000 Unified Hybrid Storage

The Nexsan NST5000 is a high-capacity, high-performance, enterprise-class unified storage system that’s ideal for VM storage. It features FASTier®, an SSD cache delivering blazing performance in a high performance system designed to excel in virtualized, highly random I/O environments. The NST5000 also includes snapshots, replication, quotas/thin provisioning, no single point-of-failure configuration and much more. NST5000 storage pools feature virtualized, online capacity expansion so administrators can add capacity as needed without any disruption to users or applications.

Imation's Nexsan storage solutions have been certified with VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.

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