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The Sentinel Never Sleeps

By its very nature, surveillance requires significant storage, as organizations need to have 24x7 accountability to ensure the security of their facilities. However, most businesses often end up spending more than they need to meet their digital video surveillance storage needs.

Using a typical configuration of 10 cameras running at 15 frames per second, a low-density and low-cost block storage solution, such as the Nexsan E18 RAID array is capable of storing well over a hundred days of round-the-clock surveillance storage. The highly efficient E-Series storage systems are the perfect solution for the vast majority of DVS customers, where camera recording stops and starts using motion detection analytics. E-Series delivers the performance and efficiency required while offering choice in capacity to meet varying deployment needs.

Recommended Nexsan Solutions for Surveillance


Nexsan E-Series V is high-capacity, ultra-dense and ultra-reliable. Supporting high-capacity SATA drives, E-Series V is an ideal choice for DVS applications. Easily add modular capacity to tailor to specific needs today and into the future.

Enterprise-class features include Cool Drive Technology™, Active Drawer Technology™ for easy expansion by one person while remaining online, and more.

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