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Cloud Storage

Virtual Thinking

If the delivery of cloud services is important to you, then you already understand that to prosper in today's economy, you need to count on the rapid delivery of scalable best-in-class services, cost containment and risk reduction. Cloud data storage services are built on technologies that meet these objectives.

But not all technologies are created equal. And that's why Imation's highly efficient storage solutions are built to augment the inherent value created by delivering services through the cloud.

Imation's enterprise-class, easy-to-use and efficient storage solutions offer the best value within an organization's storage infrastructure, particularly for medium-sized businesses and mid-tier deployments in large organizations. That's because Nexsan offers a unique combination of cost-effective, high-density, scalable storage built to work hand in glove with software used to create cloud-computing infrastructures. And Nexsan storage solutions are also peerless when it comes to energy efficiency–in some cases, providing up to 87% better efficiency when compared to competing solutions.

Recommended Nexsan Solutions for Cloud

Cloud Compatibility

Imation's Nexsan solutions are certified with VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix, making them ideal for any infrastructure that must accommodate the cloud and virtualization. Nexsan E-Series V disk arrays delivers high-capacity, high-performance, enterprise-class RAID disk storage array systems using SSD, and SAS drives that delivers performance at a fraction of the cost of other competing solutions.

learn more about the E-Series V