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Bulk Storage

Datacenters are taxed with efficiently storing growing volumes of data. Rack space is at a premium, and power and cooling costs have to be minimized. The ability to modularly add SATA, SAS SSDs is highly desirable. Dense storage is ideal because it saves rack space and minimizes wire interconnects, which are potential failure points. Support for snapshots, replication and disaster recovery directly by the disk array is usually required as well.

Recommended Nexsan Storage Solutions for Bulk Storage


High-density, reliability and efficiency make the Nexsan E60VT an ideal choice for long-term bulk storage. Mix and match SATA, SAS and SSD drives for up to 240TB in 4U. Add to that a suite of enterprise-class features including dual controllers, Anti-vibration Design™, Cool Drive Technology™, AutoMAID® energy saving technology, and no single point of failure reliability.

learn more about the E60VT/XV