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7 Simple Truths of Hybrid Storage

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Nexsan E-Series Overview


The Nexsan E-Series™ is an advanced SAN storage system for midsized organizations needing an extremely dense and highly reliable solution. Imation's expertise in capacity-optimized storage has led to industry-leading efficiencies at the lowest possible cost-per-terabyte for applications like disk backup, bulk storage and more, all tailored to fit in any environment whether traditional, virtual or cloud. The E60 offers 60 drives for up to 240TB in 4U. The E48 offers 48 drives for up to 192TB in 4U, and the E18 offers 18 drives for up to 72TB in 2U. Each can be easily expanded with additional capacity by adding the corresponding expansion unit: E18X, E48X or E60X.

The E-Series storage system delivers industry-leading density and power efficiency for the smallest storage footprint with up to 3X the capacity in the same space as a typical array while consuming up to 85% less power and cooling when idle. A fault tolerant and highly reliable architecture ensures enterprise-class data protection. Innovative ease-of-use functionality makes deploying and managing storage a simple task for the resource constrained IT administrator. It comes pre-configured so it can be up and running in 10 minutes or less with intuitive wizards – no professional services required.

E-Series storage is highly flexible supporting multiple drive types and protocols for administrators needing a single system to support varying workloads. SATA/SAS/SSD can be used together to support both capacity and performance driven applications. I/O ports include 8Gb FC, 1Gb or 10Gb iSCSI, or 24Gb SASX4. With dual raid engines per controller, E-Series storage delivers blazing wire-speed throughput, high IOPS, and array-based snapshots and asynchronous replication. The active/active dual controller configuration provides twice the I/O ports and increases system performance.

E-Series storage delivers industry-leading reliability. Hard drives are stress tested individually and again in system to eliminate the weak ones. The chassis itself has a superior mechanical design that eliminates vibrations between drives to maximize drive lifetime. Cool Drive Technology uses both push and pull fans to ensure there is always air flowing over the drives, even if a fan should fail. And Imation’s Active Drawer Technology™ is an industry-first, making it easy for a single person to maintain the storage system. Simply pull out a drawer to service drives or fans while the system is being actively used - all with no downtime!

Key Benefits

  • 240TB in 4U (E60), 192TB in 4U (E48) or 72TB in 2U (E18)
  • Combine SAS, SATA and SSD in the same system
  • Choose from 1Gb or 10Gb iSCSI, 8Gb Fibre Channel and 24Gb SASx4 I/O options
  • Array-based snapshots and asynchronous replication 
  • Save up to 85% on energy with built-in AutoMAID® technology
  • Active Drawer Technology™ for uninterrupted I/O during maintenance
  • Cool Drive Technology™ maximizes airflow
  • Vibration dampening design maximizes disk reliability
  • Fault tolerant with hot-swappable, active components

The E60 is a powerful system that is ideal for our multi-purpose storage environment. We have always been impressed by their price, ease-of-use and power saving capabilities."



Your product is incredible. Never have I known such resilience built into a single box, your technical support is second to none and I would whole heartedly recommend your company to anyone with no fear of reprisals, rare in this day and age."



The first thing that impressed me was all the work they put into the front end GUI. It was very easy for me to traverse the interface and figure out the best way to deploy it. The Nexsan offering also slotted directly into what I needed and wasn’t filled with features that I really couldn’t use in my current environment.”