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  • NST-Series

    The Nexsan NST unified hybrid storage platforms for NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel. Features FASTier acceleration technology to increase storage I/O performance. Mid-market and Enterprise solutions available.

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  • E-Series Family

    The Nexsan E-SeriesTM SAN storage solutions deliver efficiency and ease-of-use to help mid-market organizations add more capacity while lowering overall power, space and cost requirements. Innovative ease-of-use functionality makes deploying and managing storage as simple as possible for the resource constrained IT administrator. The E-Series delivers density and power efficiency for the smallest storage footprint by consuming less than one third the power in one third the rack space as typical storage arrays.

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  • Assureon

    The NEXSAN Assureon® is an archive system that is ideal for IT departments who wish to free up primary storage space and reduce the size and costs of backups. It provides advanced features for fixed content data to ensure data integrity and security while complying with the strictest regulatory requirements, yet is non-disruptive to users or existing applications.

    Assureon™ is a data archiving storage system that is ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files. Assureon offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups. Security features comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17. Stringent data integrity features like file-fingerprinting ensure the file you save is the file you will retrieve regardless of time. Assureon is easy to administer, operates transparently without disruption to users or applications and can reside on-premise, in the cloud, or both.

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NST5000 Unified Hybrid Storage Product Hero Image with Grids Front