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  • Challenge:

    Protecting, accessing and sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is critical for all healthcare professionals. The recently released Omnibus Rule extends HIPAA requirements to business associates and introduces more severe penalties for violation of PHI privacy. Public cloud storage solutions offer convenience, but cannot guarantee that privacy of confidential patient information is maintained.

  • Solution:

    Transporter offers all of the sync, access, protect and share capabilities of public cloud storage solutions without any of the risk. As a private device you own, it gives you complete control over location and redundancy of confidential information while allowing private sharing and secure, remote access from anywhere in the world. Automated offsite protection is as simple as adding a second Transporter at a remote location.                      

  • Preserve Confidentiality

    • Control where files are stored and who has access
    • Eliminate risk of unauthorized access to confidential files
    • Enable private collaboration with contractors and sub-contractors

  • Protect Patient Information

    • Automatically protect critical files against a computer failure
    • Safeguard PHI and EMR to satisfy HIPAA retention requirements
    • Install second Transporter offsite for additional protection

  • Privately Access Files

    • Automatically sync files and folders between every computer
    • Privately access patient files and images on mobile devices
    • Files are always encrypted (AES-256) during transfer

  • Reduce Costs

    • Simple and intuitive setup is easily completed in minutes
    • One time cost eliminates recurring monthly subscription fees
    • Each Transporter can store terabytes of patient files and images