What’s the Difference between Nexsan Unity n-Way Sync and Snap and Rep?

One of the questions that always comes up is what is the difference between Nexsan UnityTM n-Way Sync private cloud file sync and the snapshots and replication that are commonly used in storage today?  It’s really about accessibility to the user so let me explain. Simply stated, snap and rep is an IT function.  It…Read More

Blockchain for Ransomware Protection

There’s been a lot of buzz about blockchain and how it plays in our digital world.  Blockchain, originally devised for the digital currency Bitcoin, is getting a “bad rap” because bitcoins are the chosen currency by cybercriminals in ransomware attacks.  The underlying technology that gives blockchain a variety of uses is the ability to allow…Read More

GDPR, Cloud Trust and Security – Our Latest Survey Results

We recently did a snap survey amongst 100 UK-based IT professionals to find out where companies are at in terms of preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which come into effect next year. The results showed that almost half (48%) did not know what GDPR is, and only 40% were able to confirm…Read More

The Holidays: How to promise data protection after a BYOD hangover

The holidays are a time for the giving and receiving of presents – this increasingly includes the latest gadgets, from iPhones to smart watches and tablets. As employees begin to use these gifts in the workplace in the New Year, they bring a whole host of issues for CIO’s. Though a connected workforce is key…Read More

Silent Data Corruption – Here’s How to Beat It!

IT professionals are constantly attacked by outside threats trying to steal and destroy your organization’s data. But what about those serious threats that are not from external adversaries, and happen without you even knowing? Silent data corruption is an actual, no-BS thing proven by hardcore researchers. The world-renowned CERN did a landmark study in 2007 testing 3,000 servers attached to…Read More

Key Considerations for Backup and Recovery

Among the priorities for efficient storage management is an appropriate protection architecture. This paper examines how to architect storage subsystems to provide efficient protection as part of the backup and recovery process. Key Considerations for Backup and Recovery Among the priorities for efficient storage management is an appropriate protection architecture. This paper examines how to…Read More

Key Considerations for Disaster Recovery

[rev_slider Disaster-Recovery] Key Considerations for Disaster Recovery A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan is specific to the circumstances, priorities and expense of an organization, this presents a broad range of challenges. This brief outlines mid-market best practices for developing a disaster recovery strategy. TOP FIVE DISASTER RECOVERY CONSIDERATIONS Plan for Success – Whether by…Read More

Protecting Your Law Enforcement Body Camera Recordings

[rev_slider Digital-Surveillance] Learn why the growing adoption of body-worn cameras for police officers is placing significant demands on their archive storage systems. THE GROWTH OF POLICE BODY CAMERAS A variety of factors are combining to drive enormous growth in the deployment of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by law enforcement agencies. Increased funding for such cameras (for…Read More

Safeguarding Your Digital Evidence Data

[rev_slider alias=”Chain Of Custody”] Learn the key storage capabilities needed to ensure your digital video evidence retains maximum evidentiary weight and admissibility in court. THE GROWTH OF LONG-TERM EVIDENTIARY VIDEO DATA STORAGE As law enforcement agencies increasingly incorporate dashboard-mounted and body-worn cameras as part of their regular law enforcement duties, the total volume of evidentiary…Read More