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Efficient: Twice the Capacity... at Half the Power

Highly efficient storage (HES) is the second pillar of innovation that enables a different kind of storage experience with Nexsan solutions–one particularly suited for medium-sized businesses. Customers in the midmarket typically face severe space and energy constraints in their data centers, which is precisely why our storage solutions have been purposely built to meet these challenges.

Nexsan solutions are ideal for applications that require very high capacity in a minimal amount of rack space. We're able to provide up to 15 drives per rack unit–compared to only four or five in many of our competitors–to offer maximum density in a very small footprint. In addition, innovative Nexsan Active Drawer technology is an industry-first that enables a single person to pull out a drawer while the system is running, making it easy to replace drives or engage in maintenance. And our products have been engineered so that anyone doing those tasks doesn't need specialized storage training.

Hand-in-hand with the space efficiencies that Nexsan HES technology provides are the considerable cost savings when it comes to energy consumption. Our Nexsan AutoMAID® (Massive Array of Idle Disks) energy-saving technology enables most of our products to save up to 67% in energy costs when compared to other solutions.

And beyond the cost savings AutoMAID® provides, it functions as ecologically sound storage: over the course of a year, a 42TB Nexsan storage array eliminates 8.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide that a typical storage solution would push into the atmosphere.

Density and space efficiency. Active Drawer Technology. And AutoMAID® energy-saving technology. With Nexsan solutions, you get twice the capacity while consuming half the power in the same space compared to a typical array. All delivered at half the cost–providing you with a different kind of storage experience.