Construction and Engineering is information intensive, from design through construction. A single project requires thousands of files: blueprints, models, maps and project plans. Nexsan stores and shares these large assets across project teams, from the architect’s office to the building site, helping you to ensure the project goes according to plan.

Hard hat

“Nexsan storage is easy to use, easy to engineer, the support is great, and overall it’s an easy and reliable storage solution…we haven’t looked back…I could not be happier.”

Richard Marazza, ESP Associates

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Whatever your storage goals, Nexsan has you covered:

  • Shrink your storage footprint and save energy costs with ultra-dense and super-efficient solutions
  • Cut your Tier-1 Storage Costs
  • Protect high-value data from ransomware and meet file integrity, security, privacy and compliance requirements
  • Provide scalable performance for mixed application workloads and virtualized environment


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